Work Ethics

The NorthLab group is a people centric organization that believes in actively promoting a family atmosphere at work. This ensures that people feel a sense of belonging, understand roles and are responsive as well as responsible. This has a direct bearing on elevating the standards of the organization.

The group also believes in equal opportunity, and inculcates a sense of security to its entire workforce. People are encouraged to change roles, learn new skills and develop their personalities.

NorthLab also inculcates a sense of fairness, which is the yardstick that an individual applies to personal as well as professional relationships.

This ensures fair play and contributes substantially towards the organisations corporate ethics.

NorthLab has evolved a transparent and objective system when it comes to recruitment, training and development. The assessment policy is also
benchmarked and system based. Furthermore, it has formulated policies to meet medical and education needs of its workforce and their families.