Paper Based Data Logger



4 channel strip chart recorder Specifications:
  • The LR 4100E is a high performance, 4 pen strip chart recorder Wide range of DC voltage, current (4-20mA) thermocouple or RTD inputs can be selected Versatile print out functions includes measured data, date, scale markings, alarms, etc The recorder can be operated simply as conventional analog recorders, even though it has multifunction capabilities Universal power supply of 110v/240v AC
  • Accuracy: DC V +/- 0.05% of rdg & 0.03% of range TC +/- 0.05% of rdg & 0.5 deg C for K, E, J, T, L, U & KP RTD +/- 0.05% of rdg & 0.2 deg C for Pt 100, JPt 100 and Ni 100
  • Zero set: Adjustable
  • Chart drive: Pulse motor drive
  • Chart speed accuracy: +/-0.1% at recording of longer than 1m
  • Digital data print out: Time, chart speed, channel no, measured data & engineering unit are printed
  • Type of display: Vacuum fluorescent display (5x7 dot matrix, 20 characters for each channel)
  • Dimensions: 24” x 12” x 17”
  • Approx Weight: 25 Kg