Liquid Particle Counter



Particle Counter for Liquids Specifications:
  • Specifications: Model PAMAS SBSS (syringe bottle sampling system): Standard particle contamination control up to 10 bar up to 400 cStokes Hydraulic oils Insulation & turbine oils Gear & motor oils Water based hydraulic fluids Infusion solutions Organic fluids 1 micron sensitivity according to ISO4402 4 micron sensitivity according to ISO11171
  • PAMAS SBSS: Preadjustable & automated sample evacuation Upto 32 free adjustable size channels Threshold adjustments over D/A converter Pneumatic sampling with pressure up to 10 bar High pressure sampling up to 30 bar Sample volume 5ml up to 1000ml Lv-container upto 2000ml Analysis volume 1ml upto 1000ml Constant sample flow & exact volume control over adjustable piston movement against pressure 2 Calibrations in 1 system The SBSS can be operate with a calibration according to ISO-11171 as well as ISO-4402 Accordingly The ISO-4406 triple code can be printed as: 4 micron, 6 micron, 14 micron based on ISO-11171 calibration or 2 micron, 5 micron, 15 micron on ISO-4402 calibration
  • Classification according to any standard: Classification of particle number & size within the sensor size ranges is according to any national or international standard. For example printouts according to ISO4406, NAS 1638, SAE 749d, ASTM etc
  • Technical data: Graphical LC-display with 320 x 240 points resolution, illuminated background Data print out 32 column built-in thermo printer Datatransfer 8 bit ASCII code over RS-232 port Power supply 230V 50-60 Hz