Flow Meter



Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specifications:
  • Specifications:
  • Model PORTAFLOW 300: The Portaflow 300 is a portable flow meter designed for use on liquid flows in full pipes which utilises “Clamp On” transducers
  • ‘A’ Transducers in mounting rail: 13mm ID to 100mm ID pipes
  • ‘B’ Transducers in mounting rail: 100mm ID to 300mm ID pipes Guide rail for diagonal operation using ‘B’ or ‘C’ transducers for pipes larger than 300mm
  • Optional transducers: ‘C’ & ‘D’ for pipes above 300mm upto 6000mm Transducer operating temperature: ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C” -25 Deg C to +125 Deg C ‘D’ -25 Deg C to +70 Deg C. Optional Hi-temp transducers for operation above +125 Deg C to 175 Deg C
  • Enclosure:
  • IP66 protection class: Material: High density P.U. foam
  • Weight: Less than 1.5 Kg
  • Dimensions: 275 x 150 x 55 mm Display 240 x 64 graphics LCD with backlight
  • Keypad: IP68 16 key tactile membrane
  • Connections: IP66 Lemo connectors
  • Temperature range: 0 Deg C to + 50 Deg C (-10 to 50 Deg C storage)
  • Supply voltage: Power supply / charger
  • Input: 100-260 VAC +/- 10% @ 50/60 Hz Max. 9 Watts
  • Output: 9VDC unregulated
  • Battery pack: Internal batteries 5 x 4/3 AA nickel metal hydride: 24-30 hrs continuous operating on fully charged battery
  • Recharge time: 10-16 hours
  • Outputs: Display
  • Volumetric flow units: m3, litres, gallons (imperial/ US)
  • Velocity units: metres/sec, feet/sec
  • Flow velocity range: 0.2…12 m/sec to 4 significant figures
  • Total volume: 12 digits – forward & reverse
  • Analogue: 4-20mA into 750 ohm user definable scaling Resolution 0.1% of fullscale
  • Pulse: 5 volts Max. 1 pulse per second
  • Data Logger: Memory capacity: 100K (50000 readings)
  • Output: Via RS232 or displayed graphically
  • Logs: Block data storage with test & graphic display, transferred to Microsoft windows
  • Transducer sets: ‘A’ (standard) 13mm to 115mm pipe 0.2m/sec to 8 m/sec ‘B’ (standard) 50mm to 1000mm pipe 0.2m/sec to 12 m/sec ‘C’ (optional) 300mm to 2000mm pipe 0.2m/sec to 7 m/sec ‘D’ (optional) 1000mm to 5000mm pipe 0.2m/sec to 7 m/sec Temperature range ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ -20 to +200 Deg C standard
  • Frequency: 1MHz, 2 MHz, 0.5 MHz
  • Pipe Material: Any sonic conducting medium such as crbon steel, stainless steel, copper, UPVC, PVDF, Concrete, Galvanised steel, Mild steel, Glass, Brass, including lined pipes-Epoxy, Rubber, Steel, Plastic
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.5% with unchqnged transducer position
  • Accuracy: 2% or +/- 0.02 m/sec which ever is greater. Accuracy achieved under ideal calibration conditions on a 4” plastic pipe. Specifications assumes turbulent flow profile with Reynolds numbers above 4000